Saturday, May 12, 2007

For those of you who were at the recent opening of the Off the Wall 2 exhibition in Durban you might have been approached by a little pimped up, side cap wearing kid trying to sell you one of the photo copied ‘zines in the box he was clutching. I bought one off this little savage for 10 bucks and put it in the girlfriend’s bag for later.

Alistair Laird is a young cartoonist from Toti in Durban, I remember when he first arrived at the Durban Cartoon Project studio’s years ago bugging Themba and I while we were trying to meet deadlines. It’s been a few years and he has grown up into a freak of nature that I would seriously ban my daughter from dating! For all his extreme oddities however his cartoons were for me one of the highlights of the exhibition. His style is a crazy hybrid of Mark Bell, Gary Panter and Matt Groening. He offends plenty of people in an unapologetic manner. He admits that, if he could he would kill everyone who judges him, he draws out conversations with startling accuracy and has crazy characters like Angus the Anus, Lorenzo the Plant, The nameless puddle of Urine and Pete the Washing Machine.

So if you are in need of some exhausting reading while you are casting out that Durban curry demon I recommend Sick Comix Mini Theatre. I have no clue of how you are gonna get one of these ‘zines but if you are interested in buying it then e-mail me: and I’ll organize! Alistair will be stoked!


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