Thursday, March 01, 2007

This was a painting I did the other week. It was for a friend's office. First she told me to do something abstract, then whatever I felt comfortable doing and also if that could involve a flower somewhere that would be great. Then finally that she had a dream that I had made the painting about a song she likes by a band called "The Afters". I think I kinda got all that in there. And even though it was an incredible ammount of stress because

1) I had not painted in 6years
2) I had never painted on canvas and
3) I had never painted for someone who wanted something specific but not

I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and will relish the challenge to paint yet another piece just as flawed as that one when the situation arises again.

Also tomorrow I'll post up a bunch of pages from my sketchbook, it's been a while I know. Sheesh what a lot of words, guess I must just like hearing the sound of my own keyboard.

NiCK 8)


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