Friday, January 19, 2007

From the sketchbook of Scott:
Nuclear warfare Biological warfare. I fear man’s great downfall does not come with anything seen. It does not come in battle that can be perceived the crunch of flesh and bone no. As man conjures up new weapons on a microscopic level. They shall play with an animal that has no allegiance that has no master and that cannot be tamed.
We play with toys till the toys bite back.

2 Global Genocide A
Global Genocide so it morbid and I have played with it as if its some trendy surfs brand to shock. Mankind speeds down a highway without thought of as destination not realising that soon we will run out of Road.

3 Global Genocide B
This drawing is the second of a pair I redrew these images from a 90’s Superman comic where he gets infected by red kryptonite and goes ballistic destroying the world. Only it ends up he is on the moon having hallucination the worlds ok but the moon has a few interesting new features.


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