Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thabani says:
Attached is my sketch that talks about How my babysiter stole my picture.Now I don't have a picture of myself as a baby. I only have that one of mewraped in a blanket like a little Sotho boy, and with her next to me it isher dressed-up nicely for the picture. Who's picture is it anyway? Mine or hers!?!.


Anonymous n.d.mazin said...

Cool story... I'd love to see more of those!

3:20 AM  
Anonymous positivephumza said...

You are such an inspiration keep doing your thing and God will take you far.I love yor story,it is inspiring and provoking.

3:12 AM  
Anonymous postivephumza said...

Positivephumza is my design code i am phumzile sithole aka nuh from kwamashu.keep it cool boy...........We are proud of you.

3:14 AM  

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