Friday, November 10, 2006

Oct 20 : Memory sketches of a visit to Waterfall Clinic..images of people that stuck in my head! Still using ballpoint pen. Not much planning went into layout which is glaringly obvious here!

Nov 8 : Pure response drawing! What was going on in my head at the time....the tip of the iceberg might I add..!!

Oct 15:2nd entry (same date) of my sketchbook, is a straight life-sketch of my daughters Ayla & Gabriella on Scottburgh beach eating ice-creams.I am using ballpoint pen without any pencil pre-lim so far....trying to keep an element of spontaneity!

Adele says:
When Andy asked me to take part in the sketchbook project I was tentative & words were "But Andy! I'm not an artist, I'm a mother !!"Thus the very reason for me to be a part of the project INDEED! It's time for this mom (I haven't always been..but it is life-changing & a daily challenge) to find the artist.There you have far the few sketches I've done are just a response to whatever I feel must/can go on paper..with no real sequence at all...but many more pages have yet to be filled..I think this will be an interesting, creative and theraputic exercise...six months of entries?whew....!!Cheers for now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adelle! Welcome to the blog. Your pages are looking spontaneous and amazing. Great to have a feminine perspective on the blog at last.

8:30 PM  

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