Friday, November 03, 2006

Here's my first submission for the Sketchbook Project -- starting a new sketchbook always makes me a little hesitant or nervous... so, I sidestepped that and just started on page 4... any rules against that? For interest sake (and name-dropping sake :-)... I'm using a very basic, cardboard-covered A4 sketchbook bought at the the Tate Modern in London last year.
The image is the result of this morning's "coffee and doodles" session with a smidgeon of watercolour splashed on... trying to free myself up from thinking about making this sketchbook a "work of art to be exhibited" and just use it as a normal sketchbook... not stifle the free-flow of ideas and to avoid any form of self-censorship... oh man, giving myself a headache here.


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