Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ok, so I'm the first to publish something for the Sketchbook Project! Yay! Andy I believe with post later! This scribble is that of an Eunig which will hopefully be included in my Lonely Schnozz comic sometime in the near future!

If you wan't to post stuff today or anytime in the future E-mail me the image with a desciption/rant to skinnyfishpaste@gmail.com

Saturday, October 21, 2006


The Sketchbook Project is a collective of (mainly South African) artists who have decided to work together to produce simultaneous sketchbooks or graphic journals for a period of six months, beginning in November 2006 and ending in April 2007.
Based in Durban, Jo’burg, Cape Town, East London, London and Ottowa (so far) the artists meet regularly to look at each other’s sketchbooks and talk, or where this is impossible, communicate via the Sketchbook Project Blog.
The project coordinator is Andy Mason (N.D. Mazin), publisher/editor of Mamba Comix, and the blogmeister is Tyron Love. The project is sponsored by Artworks Communications in Durban, publishers of Mamba Comix and the home of the Durban Cartoon Project.
The official launch date of the Sketchbook Project and the blog is 1 November 2006. It will run until the end of April 2007.

1) Participation is by invitation. If you are interested in participating, or would like to nominate someone to participate, please mail Andy on artworks@iafrica.com.
(2) Artists must work in properly bound sketchbooks (no tear-off sketchpads, loose-leaf files or flip files).
(3) Minimum of one sketchbook entry and one blog entry per week. Artists who fail to keep up may be dropped.
(4) All entries must be dated.
(5) No restrictions on use of media, colour or technique. Artists are free to paste in, paste over or work with collage.
(6) All blog entries to be submitted to the blogmeister Tyron Love skinnyfishpaste@gmail.com who will post them onto the blog, more or less on a daily basis. The blogmeister will have final editorial control, in cahoots with the project coordinator, and not all submissions will necessarily be posted. There will be a comments box for moans and complaints.
THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT will culminate in an exhibition at the artSPACE gallery in Umgeni Rd, Durban, 6-26 May 2007.
The exhibition, to be entitled OFF THE WALL 2: THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT will be a follow-up to the successful 2006 Off The Wall show at the same venue and will include comix, fine art, graffiti, installation, junksculpture and visual art performance event (VAPE) elements. The only proviso is that all the work on show should originate from and link back to the sketchbooks. Exhibition curators are Andy Mason and Karen Bradtke, and the show is co-sponsored by Artworks Communications and the artSPACE Gallery.
The original sketchbooks will be displayed on a big table in a special area set aside for them. There will be security arrangements to ensure that nothing gets ripped off.
The 5th issue of Mamba Comix, to be published by Artworks Communications, will be launched at the exhibition. All the work in the publication will relate in some way to the sketchbook project. Only artists participating in the project will be published in Mamba 5.
Artists will be invited to publish their own zines or sketchbook facsimiles and there will be a sales area where zines, t-shirts and other art memorabilia relating to the project will be on sale. The gallery and organisers will take a commission on sales, but there will be no other costs for the participating artists.

The opening will include a visual art performance event (VAPE) and judging from this year’s Off The Wall event, it will be a party of note. Other participatory events will be arranged during the duration of the show.

We are also busy trying to secure a gallery space in Jo’burg.